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Domenic Pisano

How many days should we stay? Great question, and the answer is, it depends.  Not very helpful?  Sorry, it is true.

Budget, who you are traveling with, and what you like to do, are only a few factors you will need to start to begin to make that decision. For the sake of argument let us assume your family is like ours, Disney ride junkies first and Disney food fanatics a very close second (reverse that for my wife).

The hotels are great, the food is wonderful, and the extras like golf, camping and water sports are enticing but beyond the “Disney touches”, they are also things we can find elsewhere. However there are a limited number of places we can ride Splash Mountain, so for us, rides rule. Whatever we end up being able to afford, we always plan a trip in which we can ride all the attractions we want.

I feel bad when I see that frustrated look on the face of a mother that pushes a stroller through a very crowded park. It’s the look on the face that realizes she does not have enough time for her family to see everything. It’s a frantic look soon to be followed by the stages of grief.

Denial that the park is this busy.  They try to convince themselves that maybe they can wait in 50 minute lines, make the lunch reservation, take a nap, come back, ride some more, get to that dinner reservation and still see everything.

Anger that there are so many people.  They start to believe that this mass of humanity is pushing and cutting and fast-passing their way to more enjoyment than they are having.  This is the point that their stroller and their first born occupant become a battering ram in a futile attempt to jockey for a better position in the the massive throng of people around them.

Bargaining with the family to please stop being hot and cranky.  Mom is pleading with the kids (and sometimes Dad) to just deal with it so you can all see the attractions that are there to make everyone happy.

Depression, when the futility of it all sets in.  Strange mathematical formulas are mentally calculated to determine the amount of money it costs to be this miserable.

Acceptance, when they realize, it is what it is.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. In an earlier post I outlined my favorite ways to see as many things as possible without waiting in lines.  Even with that strategy you will still need enough time to see everything that there is to see.  There is no miracle plan that lets you jam everything there is to do into one day.  You will need time.

When I see the frantic I can almost guarantee that they haven’t bought enough days at the parks, or are trying to do too much.  The number of days you will need, what you will eat, and where you will stay will vary with what you want to accomplish, and how much you want to spend on your vacation.

When budgeting a trip sometimes we have more cash on hand, sometimes less.  We have saved for as many as nine days, or as few as 5, most often settling for 7.  In the posts to follow I will cover our park breakdown for minimum and maximum number of days we have traveled over the years, and how longer and shorter amounts of time has affected our trips.  Stay tuned.

Have a Great Trip,