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BLOG MINI SERIES: How Many Days? Part 3, the 9 Day Trip

Domenic Pisano


How Many Days? Part 3, the 9 Day Trip

This is the final installment in a short series of blog posts discussing how many days we comfortably book a Disney World Vacation and not feel like we are overly rushed, or have missed out on attractions.

As stated earlier, I can’t say the 5 day Disney Vacation is relaxing.  Especially with the way we spend the 5 days, opening and closing the parks and trying to see as many attractions as possible.   I dare to say that with trips of a length of under a week we really aren’t going to relax.  We can relax at the local beach AFTER our trip.  Even the 7 day trips are pretty full with us doing something.  Now, with a 9 day trip, relaxation is the key here. There is so much to see and do at Walt Disney World that you can never experience it all, but with 9 days you might find yourself to be actively looking for new experiences.

The Disney Math is in full effect here.  With a nine day stay you would really want to take advantage of the resorts, dining and amenities.  You have the time.  However the length of the stay is now getting the price of the vacation pretty high and you may be tempted to cut back.


You don’t need this much time for attractions alone.  If that’s why you are going, a shorter stay may be in order.  If you want your vacation to be about relaxation and stress-free amusement, go long.

This is might be the once in decade/lifetime vacation for many of us and sure maybe you can save by dining wisely (stay tuned for my wife’s “Eating Your Way Through Disney World” posts).   Maybe drive instead of fly, (which is my preferred method when time permits).  Figure it out, do what it takes, make it happen.

Let time be the great relaxer.  With the extra time you won’t be the crazy family who push people out of the way.  You will see them, they will be the ones who are  trying to get their kids on everything in all four parks on their one day park hopper.  In fact with your kind of time you might let them ahead of you in line.  Maybe.  Probably not.

Unlike the 5 day and 7 day trips where I did a breakdown of how many days our family would spend in each place I won’t do that here.  With nine days you can really add your own interests to the park experiences.  For instance, my wife’s best haircut/spa experience was at a Disney resort.  Try each water park.  Enjoy the resort pool.  Take a day to walk around the other resort hotels.  Take a backstage tour.  See all the details in the park.  Enjoy the lines. No really, there is a lot of story and detail work put into many of the queues.  Do that thing where you can drive a stock car.  Most importantly, eat as often and in as many varied ways as you can.  I received advice once to “live esthetically hight”, and that is what this is trip is all about.

Trips of a significant length may (will) take significant time to save up for.  As people who want to return as soon as possible as soon as we have the 5 or 7 day trip money, we have the car packed.  However every once an a while indulge in a long stay Disney World Vacation to not only take in the attractions but to also have a relaxing time while doing so.

Have a Great Trip,