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Deluxe Value

Domenic Pisano

We Stayed at the Boardwalk…but didn’t.

A few years back we did a huge three family trip to Disney with my parents, my sister’s family of 4, and our family of 5. My extended family is not the value resort type, but with a party this big they weren’t going deluxe either. We all settled on the BoardWalk Inn (and loved it). A couple of years later my family had some comp rooms and time share access so it was one of few times were were off property…sort of.

This was a vacation that followed another trip to Europe by two days. Driving to Florida from the North-East was a breeze due the wacky effects of jet lag. The planned stopover somewhere in the Carolinas whenever we got tired never happened, and we arrived a day early. Without park tickets for that day, we spent afternoon at Downtown Disney at night we went back to the BoardWalk Inn to eat, see Epcot’s fireworks and to watch movies on the beach. We had also checked out the Contemporary Resort to see the Monorail and to shop a little more.

This made me think about what staying at a Disney Resort really means. If I booked a value resort, then travelled to a different resort to eat, another to shop, another to walk around and see a show, I’m taking advantage of the higher priced resort’s amenities without paying for the convenience of sleeping there, and is this plan really so inconvenient? In the context of a resort where you take busses, boats and monorails to get to one play or another anyway, is traveling to a different hotel so weird?

In fact, might we be paying a higher price only only to sleep, which begs the question, why overpay for being unconscious?

I was thinking that I might be getting 80%-90% of the deluxe experience by resort hopping but on refection, I may in fact get a more varied and deeper experience by paying less to sleep and cherry-picking the best shopping, entertainment and dinning from a handful of resorts. I may have a better experience than someone who paid for a nice room at the Grand Floridian and stayed there the whole time.

Have a Great Trip.