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QUICK TIPS: Blisters are the Enemy: Walk Without Pain

Domenic Pisano

QUICK TIPS: Blisters are the Enemy: Walk Without Pain

What has ruined a Disney Trip for me? Well, it isn’t rain, or long lines, or food (how can you not like the food). No, what ruins Disney Trips for me is my feet. By day two I have ripped them to shreds.

DISCLAIMER: For our family two days may represent 30 hours of walking (and Epcot may make it feel like 60).

But seriously buy good shoes and break them in.

I bring 2 pairs, a light weight Gore-Tex hiking sneaker for the majority of my trip, and a pair of hiking water shoes for the water parks or any rapid rides. The Gore-Tex and water shoes are vital because nothing chops my feet apart faster than wet socks.

Even if they cost a lot more, get shoes that will work. You paid good money for this trip, don’t let not spending $60–$100 more on good footwear ruin this experience.

Remember, buying good footwear is only half the battle. Buy them for the whole family, (“Dad carry me!” gets old fast). Definitely make sure you break them in! What is now my go to pair of trip shoes made me miserable on a trip because I tried to wear them on a trip out of the box.

Have a Great Trip,