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planToons began as the blog DocDisneyTips.  The Doc's tips  blogs has now found a new how here on planToons.

QUICK TIPS: LET IT GO, Sometimes it is good to abandon what works.

Domenic Pisano

LET IT GO: Sometimes it is good to abandon what works.

For the multi-time Walt Disney Word traveler it is easy to fall into a routine, especially when it comes to dining.

It is ok to have your favorite spot that you visit every time. (For me it is the Sci-Fi Dine-in, mostly to eat in a car while watching B-Movie trailers. I mean, really, where else can I do that?) That’s fine, but the problem develops when every restaurant, and every meal at said restaurant is the same.

I get it. Go with what you know, if it ain’t broke, don’t break it. However with so many choices for food, don’t make a Disney World vacation the place to get into a rut. I submit that even if you are a regular, you have yet to eat at your favorite restaurant. Even if I am wrong and you truly have found your favorite restaurant, order something you haven’t eaten before. I dare you.

I had a mathematics professor in college who showed us that statistically it was more likely you would enjoy a known restaurant better than if you tried a new place. This man looked unhappy and bereft of adventure. Don’t be that guy.

Fortune favors the bold. Try a different restaurant, stay at a different resort, ride an attraction you thought you may not like. You may discover your new favorite along the way.

Have a Great Trip,