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Quick Tips. The Counter Service Dilemma with Families

Domenic Pisano

Quick Tips. The Counter Service Dilemma with Families

So, I’m not a Disney dining snob. I can do a counter service meal and be just as happy as eating at a fancier restaurant. I actually look forward to a Frontierland burger or taco salad or a Tomorrowland pulled pork sandwich. In fact on shorter attraction oriented trips the last place I want to be is in a restaurant, for me, the faster I can eat, the better. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on my exception to this rule.

Luckily, Walt Disney World is filled with counter service restaurants that serve all kinds of great tasting and a varied variety of food. You don’t have to limit yourself to a “happy meal menu” of choices. But sometimes there is a problem.

In some Disney restaurants the menus have different queues and cashiers. If you want soup, and your wife wants a burger and the kids want a third option (like only dessert), you now have to split up, check out separately, and meet back up to sit. If splitting up a juggling you family around multiple (possibly jam packed) lines doesn’t sound like good eats then you many want to avoid some of the restaurants.

There are some places that have different food stations but funnel everyone to the cashiers after you have your food. Other restaurants have a digital menu and integrated pay station or a single station where you can order anything on the menu. This might work for you if everyone is in the mood for a different meal.

Before you commit to a restaurant. Do some research, or scope the place out to make sure the restaurant will work for you logistically needs as well as you culinary needs.

Have a Great Trip,