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Domenic Pisano


On a non-Disney trip to a city in Italy my wife and I loved the food shopping, street musicians, and atmosphere the place had to offer. On a return trip to the same town we found that the shops were closed, the food was undercooked and the musicians were as few in number and they were in talent.

If our first experience in that town was like the second there never would have been a return trip. Thus, on vacation, when I can, I institute a two strikes rule. Known in the professional wrestling world as the “best of two out of three falls” a vacation spot gets two shots at keeping my business.

For example:

The Redemption: Our first experience at a Disney budget resort wasn’t that good. On a return trip, the place redeemed itself. After the second trip, I would go again.

The Scratch: Although the character at certain Epcot restaurant were exciting for our kids, the food wasn’t great two times in a row. We scratch that place off the list until a revamp in menu.

The Boarder Line: The Garden Grill at Epcot was wonderful the first time we went. On a return trip they changed the menu and pricing for the worse. This place gets another shot, but it isn’t as safe a bet as another restaurant where we have had multiple good experiences.

We have applied this rule to things as small as menu items and attractions to things as large as resorts and entire theme parks. Universal Studios as a whole had a strike against it a few years back, on a return trip we had a pleasant visit, we may go again. (This is a Disney Blog but come on, we all know you go there too.) After barely seeing any animals during the safari at Animal Kingdom on one trip, we gave it another shot and had saw a ton of animals we had never seen before. The new FastPass+ system I found to be a horrible experience and for us it was vastly inferior to the old system, we will see how it goes the next time.

The restaurant with the worst steak you ever ordered, may have the best chicken in the parks. A ride you loved, may have been reworked into something that doesn’t speak to you as much. Everyone has bad days but when you can, give something a second chance, you may get turned around.

Have a Great Trip,