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(Semi) Permanent Vacation

Domenic Pisano

(Semi) Permanent  Vacation

Next summer will begin a long-term family experiment with Walt Disney World. It will mark the first time we experiment with buying annual passes. The idea is to start the annual pass in the late summer and have it extend all the way to a trip in the early summer the following year. Those two bookend trips will be long extended stays while we pepper in as many getaways during the year as we can. Not living terribly close I am curious to find out how often we can sneak down to during the year.

We certainly take our ability to ride as many rides as possible in as short a wait time as possible as a badge of honor.  Our default plan of attack is to place the rides ahead of everything else, especially on shorter trips.

In a lot of ways the expense of the vacation comes at the expense of the vacation. Disney World is an expansive and detailed theme park but the rush to “ride it all” makes us miss the trees for the forrest. It is time to have some time to stop and smell the roses.

With an annual pass I envision trips to Walt Disney World that have nothing to do with amusements. I imagine a winter trip just to hang out at the resorts and parks to see the decorations and seasonal attractions. If we miss Space Mountain that time around, no big deal. We’ll be back.

I know this is no big deal for many. People local to the area zip in and out of the property a lot. My Florida resident Aunt goes to resort sometimes solely to grab lunch at Earl of Sandwich. However for someone who lives a considerable distance away, and the prices for flights for a family of 5 make driving a necessity, I wonder about the practicality. At at any rate we will see 11 months from now how the beginning of this experiment proceeds. Stay tuned.

Have a Great Trip,