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DD Tips Blog

planToons began as the blog DocDisneyTips.  The Doc's tips  blogs has now found a new how here on planToons.


Domenic Pisano


One of my favorite Walt Disney World helpful hints is found in the Main Street USA Gift Shops.  Oddly enough my family’s use of the gift shop is not merchandise related.  We take advantage of the fact that the shops are interconnected.  We have often found them to be a useful shortcut to bypass Main Street USA if it is overly crowded.

Also, if there is a parade, the gift shops make a convenient tunnel while the Street is closed, and the sidewalks are filled with onlookers.

Gift shops are also a great way to avoid the inevitable midday Florida downpour.  You can dryly traverse a good bit of distance using them, or kill some time by shopping and snacking while waiting for the return of Mr. Golden Sun.

That said make sure you do stop to enjoy a parade.  Take advantage of the shops for some great souvenirs, and snacks.  Look around for hidden Disney historical easter eggs.  There is plenty to see and do if you take your time through Main Street, so don’t just run through it to get to Space Mountain.  However the gift shops do make a great “tunnel system” that can help you traverse portions of the park, or keep you dry.

Have a Great Trip,