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What age is a good age for the first trip with kids?

Domenic Pisano

What age is a good age for the first trip with kids?

This is a great and common question from the family and friends.

Avoiding the cheap, “it depends on your kids” copout here are my thoughts.

Assuming you have kids that are reasonably well behaved etc. I would say four years old and 38 inches tall. The struggles of traveling with the dual yokes of diapers and strollers are behind you. Our kids weren’t the clingy “carry me” type either so everybody powered themselves with their own feet. And at that hight they can enjoy most of the attractions.

Now I’m sure that my now 13 year old daughter doesn’t remember much about that first trip but here is the thing parents, who cares?

I remember her as a 4 year old, dressed as Cinderella, all the Cast Members calling her Princess and my seeing her completely buy into the idea that she was in a magical fantasy world.

Now what if you have a 4 year old and a younger child as well? Been there too. It’s ok. Go for it.

My wife used a double stroller like a ninja with a shopping cart. It carted the kids and everything else as well. (More on that to come from my wife’s Disney Mom posts. Stay tuned.)

The older kids also got to ride everything twice as my wife and I took turns child swapping.

Don’t wait for them to grow up so they remember the trip better. You owe it to yourself to see that magical expression on your kids face before they become all jaded and emo. Do it while you can.

Have a Great Trip,