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Why Keep Going on the “Same” Vacation

Domenic Pisano

Why Keep Going on the “Same” Vacation

Here are some recurring questions from friends about Disney Vacations:

“Why do you like it so much?” “Why do you keep going there?” Or simply, “Again?”

I’m not sure why they are bewildered. Maybe they think if you have been there once, you have seen it all. We have now fulfilled an experience, checked off a bucket list box and can move on to another vacation destination.

However, many people take annual vacations somewhere consistent. My guess is they are not equating the yearly week at the beach/lake getaway to a full blown theme park resort vacation, but why not? If you want to talk about seeing it all, the local beach still looks the same 4 decades later to me.

For those people who truly need an explanation for how my family chooses to spend their free time, I will indulge you and with only 5 of the many reasons why we choose to go back again and again.

1. It is a guaranteed good time. We have been there. we know we like it. We enjoy what the place has to offer. This, to me, is the foundation of a vacation spot. It is the same exact reason people rent that beach/lake house at the same spot every year.

2. It isn’t a weather dependent vacation. In fact, it will most likely rain, but at Dusney World there is built-in poor weather entertainment. Look on google maps and you will see that many of the attractions are inside buildings, nice and dry. There is nothing worse than going on a weather dependent vacation, when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.

3. There are things to do. I don’t relax by sitting. I don’t relax by visiting landmarks or museums. I’m the kind of person that relaxed by being entertained. Disney World is a very entertaining place. How much stimuli you want is up to you.

4. The more you go, the less you wait. 108 minutes to get on a ride, no biggie. I’ve road it before, I’ll be back another time and I’ll ride it then. This is perfect excuse to try something new.

5. I haven’t taken the “same vacation”, I have only gone to the same destination. Every trip is different. The place isn’t just rides. If you go to France on vacation it doesn’t mean you have to just see the sights of Paris. If you go to Disney World you can do more than just the rides at the parks. There is a plethora of resorts to explore, places to eat, live shows to watch, outdoor activities to enjoy and much more.

On one trip we drove into Florida a day early and easily filled that day with Downtown Disney shopping, resort dining, and boardwalk entertainment without stepping foot into one of the theme parks.

In the end, the reason we go back it the only reason that matters, we like it there.

Have a Great Trip,